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Welcome to the Official Colin & Justin web site

Welcome to the world of Colin & Justin. As interior designers, style commentators, Hollywood celebrity interviewers and all round lifestyle gurus, our goal is simply this: to share good things with good people. So, if hot interiors, cutting edge products and stylish destinations are your thing read on...

For those who've only recently discovered us, here's a little peek into our past. And for those who've been with us over the last decade? Sit tight us as we recount our story...

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Cottage Life

'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure', Season 2, airs Sundays at 9pm on Cottage Life. The network is currently in FREE preview. Check TV schedules for daily re runs and speak to your cable supplier for further information regarding free preview. Enjoy!

Colin and Justin's Showreel

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Latest News


Confused by lighting? And its various forms?

Not sure how to make the best of it? Well wonder no more - via our column in the Toronto Sun, your worries are over.


Take heed! Approximately 12 weeks remain till the show we are working on in Australia hits the airwaves. Yay!

We appear on each prime time episode with all manner of design counsel, decorative info and home styling ideas. LOADS of fun awaits!


Hola! Introducing a new sub-line as part of 'Colin and Justin Home' - dog and cat beds.

Come on: doesn't your furry friend deserve a cosy wee nook in which to bed down? And a stylish one at that?


Our weekly Toronto Sun column.

Even from the security of Shady Pines, their maximum security twilight home, our wee Scottish grannies would almost certainly approve of this event.


The Block - Australia

Last week's episode with us as guest judges

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