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Cottage Life Network

Game Of Homes Season 2 - 2016

W Network

After our successful appearance as guest judges on season 1, we're now the resident judges - and you can join us each week as we judge Canada's biggest renovation reality show, where one lucky team will win a house, the land to put it on and all the furniture they'll need to put in it!

City TV - Special Red Carpet Correspondents during TIFF 2016

September 2016

For the sixth consecutive year it's back to the hallowed red carpets as reporters for City TV.  Celebrity interviews bagged this year include Natalie Portman, Matt Damon and Richard Gere.   

Cityline - City TV, 9am and 4pm daily

Hosted by Tracy Moore

Join us every second Monday for hot shopping, design ideas, decor news and more on Canada's longest running magazine show City TV.  Expect home decor ideas from us that WON'T break the bank and a raft of top tips and home style guidance! 

Reno Rumble Season 2 - 2016

Channel Nine, Australia

Australia's boldest renovation show is back and we're the resident judges!  An east vs west extravaganza, the stakes are high as teams compete to win $100,000 and we get to choose who will win!  Airs Monday 21 March, 7.30 on Channel Nine.


Cabin Pressure Season 3 - 2016

Cottage Life

No it can't be season 3 already, surely!  Yup, this time we pack up our renovation kit and head to the great white north once again as we transform another tired cabin and get it ready for the rental market.  Flash floods, classic truck breakdowns and mushroom growing walls are just some of the challenges ahead...  Airs Sunday 20th March, 9pm on Cottage Life - now on free preview too!!!

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Game Of Homes Season 1

W Network

Guesting on Canada's biggest design reality show, we cast a critical eye over the contestants' exterior renovations.  Someone is going to win a house plus the land to put in on and we're happy to help the decision along...

The Block

Channel Nine, Australia

As guest judges on The Block, and tapping into the vibrant Melbourne cafe scene, we issue a challenge for the 'blockheads' to create the ultimate cafe to fill the ground floor of the 'Blocktagon.' This will give them an opportunity to flex their design muscles in a commercial space.  

The Living Room

Channel 10, Australia

Join us for two renovation specials on Australia's brightest lifestyle magazine show as we transform the 'daggiest homes in Australia...'

Fridays, 7.30pm Channel 10

Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure

Cottage Life Network

Season 2 coming to Cottage Life this Spring - don't miss it!

Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure

10pm ET/PT, 11pm Mountain Time, Cottage Life TV from March 2014

Go wild in the country and watch as we transform our very own unique vacation home in the Canadian countryside.   But can a log cabin become a 21st century designer's dream... and still hold onto its loggy loveliness?  All will be revealed!

Cityline Scottish Style

City TV across Canada - 2014

Join us every second week on Cityline, Canada's best loved lifestyle show.  We dish up the latest home trends and global style, while revealing top interior design tips to make your house a home.  

City TV Red Carpet Correspondants TIFF 2013

City TV across Canada - September 2013

Hollywood beware - C&J are back on the red carpet and ready to probe celebrities like they've never been probed before!  Tune in to news on CityTV at 5,6 & 11pm or online at Entertainment City! Enjoy our interviews with luminaries such as Glenn Close, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Isabella Rossellini, Tom Hiddleston and Emma Thompson, to name but a few...

Colin & Justin's Street Swap

HGTV - July 14th 2013

Join us for a home design special with a difference as we swap with the neighbours to create a high end new look for one lucky home owner.  You flush it - we flaunt it.  Yup, watch in wonder as we take upcycling to the next level!  

City TV Red Carpet Correspondants during TIFF 2012

City TV and City TV News Channel

For the second year running we were engaged by City TV to conduct red carpet interviews with the cinematic fraternity during The Toronto International Film Festival.

Over ten days we thrust microphones in front of Colin Farrel, Kristin Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Christpher Walken, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Billy Bob Thornton, Kate Hudson and many more and, deploying our innate, deep lust for info and gossip, managed to get some major scoops and coups.  As well as a whole load of cuddles from the Hollywood fraternity...


Home Is Where The Heart Is - ABC2 Australia

April 2012 - ABC2 - 9pm for three consecutive weeks

Our homeless documentary (originally seen on ITV1 in the UK) airs on ABC2 in Australia.


Pointless - BBC1 - February 2012

BBC1 - 4pm, February 2012

A quiz show featuring a host of TV celeb's, us included.  Other guests included Angela Rippon and Steve Pemberton.

Celebrity Masterchef - January 2012

BBC1, 5.30pm

On this BBC 1 reality show we attempted to demonstrate existing culinary skills (ahem!) while learning a whole new kitchen skill set along the way.

Broadcast over several weeks, tasks included cooking for an entire hospital staff as well as catering for the lunch service in a top London restaurant.

The Real Hustle - BBC3

BBC 3 - 8pm, October 2011

In this well intentioned 'scamming' show we demonstrated, for the benefit of the British TV audience, just how easy it is to be ripped off in the world at large. 

Colin and Justin's Sunday Show, Real Radio

Sunday from July 2011, 10am - 1pm 100 - 101 FM

In this thirteen week series, we mix chat, music and showbiz gossip over three hours, each Sunday.  Irreverent to the max and very uptempo.

Colin & Justin's Home Heist

From August 25th 2010

Tune in to our Canadian style extravaganza on the Style Network on Sky.

The Hour, STV

STV - 5pm, 8th August 2011

A live format magazine life style chat show; we stand in for regular host Michelle MacManus for one episode with guests The Pearces and Jonathan Ross's house band 'Four Poofs And A Piano'.

Home Is Where The Heart Is, ITV1

Three parts - 10th, 17th and 24th May 2011, ITV1, 9pm.

A hard hitting and controversial three part documentary, during which we observe the path that led our subject, Jim, to become a rough sleeper.  Homeless for 18 years - and a hard drinker - we attempt to better Jim's future via various methods.  The results are varied but we do manage to find Jim his first safe, secure home for years.


Royal Wedding Correspondents, CITYtv, Canada


Engaged to comment on the wedding of William and Kate, we appear daily on City Line, BT and City News in the run up to the big day.  Adding a splash of Brittania proves to be a lot of fun!

60 Minute Makeover

ITV 1 2009 - Present

From September 2009, when the successful TV makeover series was re-formatted without its previous host Terri Dwyer, we joined as regular presenters/decorators and fronted a total of 24 episodes.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

ITV1 and ITV2 - Nov - Dec 2009

We took our lives in our hands by agreeing to become contestants on 2009's I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!  A thoroughly enjoyable - if particularly hard - experience, we did, however, lose a combined weight of 46 pounds! Boasting some of its highest audience ratings ever we had an absolute ball and would tackle a similar project without hesitation.  Mind you, being lost in the jungle with Kim Woodburn for a second time might make us think twice...

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Colin and Justin's Home Heist

HGTV Canada / BBC Canada, 2008 - Present

Colin and Justin's Home Heist is filmed in Canada. The show premiered on the HGTV network in October 2008.  Home Heist now broadcasts in approximately 20 countries such as Australia, Poland and South Africa.

Colin and Justin's Home Show

UKTV Home 2008

During this interesting magazine format series we visited different shopping malls and built a 3D room set in each.  We then decorated the set with a different theme each episode using items which we harvested from the stores in the mall. The entire series was filmed before a live audience, and was first shown in Britain on UKTV Style.

Colin and Justin's Music Makeover

BBC Radio Scotland 2008

This drive time BBC Radio Scotland series (which aired on Fridays at 6.00 - 7.00p.m) saw us reinvented as DJ's! The show became renowned for its pacy, irreverent formula which was a mix of gossip, social comment and of course music.

Colin and Justin On The Estate

Five, 2007

In this hard hitting 2007 series on Chnnel Five we attempted to visually transform Arden, a council estate on the south side of Glasgow. Our simple premise was that everyone should be entitled to a good standard of living, no matter where they are on the social strata.

As part of the programme we organised and ran a charity auction (rasing 65K) at the Oran Mor arts centre in Glasgow and used the proceeds to build a much needed youth centre. Our glittering event was attended by national and local celebrities including Anna Ryder Richardson and Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon.

Colin and Justin's Wedding Belles

Five, 2007

In Wedding Belles, which aired on Channel Five in 2007, we became wedding planners to prospective brides. Four one hour episodes spawned international interest and the show now airs across the globe.

20 Ways To...

Five, 2006/2007

In this series we counted down the best ways to increase the values of British property. The format also included Twenty Builders' Botch Ups, Twenty Design Crimes and Twenty Celebrity Fashion Frock-Ups. The series was made for the UK's Channel Five.

Hogmanay Stories

STV 2007

In 2007 we presented Hogmanay Stories, a mix of traditional New Year celebrations with music from Michelle McManus amd John Carmichael. Featuring stories from Elaine C. Smith, Cameron Stout and Aggie MacKenzie we delivered holiday messages to loved ones who found themselves away from home over the New Year period.

Three Celebs and a Baby

Five, 2006

A British TV first, we (along with model Caprice) attempted to raise a £150,000 anamatronic 'baby'. The show charted the highs and lows as we experienced 'virtual'parenthood. Caprice infamously dropped her 'baby' while we later said in interviews that it made usrealise we'd indeed make good parents.

The Farm

Five, 2006

A reality TV series that saw us planted in rural Wiltshire, hosting twelve celebrities such as actress Charlene Tilton, model Emma B, porn star Ron Jeremy, actor Lionel Blair and ahem, Orville The Duck! 

How Not To Decorate

Five, 2005 - Present. BBC America 2010

How Not to Decorate aired on the UK's Channel Five.  On this show we transformed dramatically ugly interiors into effortless palaces of high design.  Renowned for the bitchy 'put downs' by narrator Ed Hall, How Not To Decorate ran for four series and had a spin off show called Celebrity How Not To Decorate.  During this we transformed the homes of Samantha Fox, Neil and Christine Hamilton and veteran DJ Tony Blackburn.

The Million Pound Property Experiment

BBC2 2004

TMPPE is a BBC Television series which originally aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom in 2004. During this show we invested an initial £100,000 loan from the BBC.  The ultimate goal was to finish in a property worth£1million. Taking more than two years, we bought, renovated and sold seven properties across the UK with the help of our hard working project manager Nigel Leck. Our final property sold for £1.25 million and after paying back all loans we made a profit of nearly £300,000 which was donated to The BBC's Children in Need Appeal.


BBC1, 2004 - 2005

This live format multi camera studio show, a production for BBC1, was hosted by Lowri Turner and co-presented by us and other experts such as celebrity chef James Martin and style guru Trinny Woodall.  Lasting for seven series we created live 'one hour' transformations, interacting throughout with viewers. The emphasis was about 'style on a shoestring' and the show enjoyed a spin off series called Housecall in The Country on which we also worked.

Trading Up

BBC1, 2003-2005

Trading Up (and its overseas spin off Trading Up In The Sun) aired on BBC One.  During the run we counselled people on how to successfully sell and buy property. The former concentrated on British homes while the latter saw us travel around Spain and France in search of homes for British buyers.