Dining Room before and after - Warm and Woody



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Dining Room before and after - Midas Touch

Located on a semi open plan basis to a living room we've featured here, this dining room was devoid of... well, pretty much everything. Imagine the fun filled dinner parties that must have taken place in here? NOT! This room, to us, looked more like an interrogation lock off room. The kind of place where you might go to be body searched and grilled. Nice party, huh?

OOOH the glamour! New doors, black skirting boards and a glossy repainted dining table start our decorative ball rolling. We papered in mid tone golden beige and added spindle backed chairs to proffer a tyraditional feel with a modern twist. Adding a taped edge floor rug 'anchored' the project while a credenza rooted out for a hundred bucks in a consignmenet store provided immediate focus. Dressed, above, with a sunburst mirror and with $50 peaccock lamps from Homesense, the project now oozes restrained glamour. Was it any wonder our client was lost for words (in a good way, we might add!) when the room was revealed in all its new, glossy glory!? Hey, we're just twoboyz... but we do what we can!

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Dining room before and after - Modern Open Concept

Now there are dining areas... and there are dining areas. This one was gloomy to the max and had been assembled by its owner after she'd had a particularly large bowl of silly. We asked our client to call her friends and take away the carnage that met us when we walked into her home. She duly did and the room breathed a sigh of relief. As did we. All that naughty (sorry 'knotty') pine was a thing of the past. The grizzly space at last had potential. And we knew precisely how to unlock it...

Removing sections of non load bearing wall allowed eyelines to be immediately improved. While we were at it we removed the wall that concealed the kitchen and, as if by magic, the downstairs zones in the previously dull house, were quickly awakened. Modern dining furniture provides a breath of fresh air, whilst a large storage cupboard positioned to the rear of the space is perfect housing for crockery and associated dining room kit.

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Dining Room Before and After - Modern Patterned Style

With furniture crammed into every corner, this overstuffed zone looked more like a 'scratch and dent' furniture store than a slick family dining room. Sorry to be hard, but come on - that's what YOU'RE thinking too, n'est pas? Exactly...

A wee touch of the Hamptons courtesy of the Hicks - esque paper and that painted furniture. And, on the subject of painted furniture, look a little more closely at the table and the wall unit. Hmm? See something familiar? Aye, it's the SAME STUFF! Only this time it's been reversioned cool, classic white. But take a tip. DON'T try a DIY job on a project such as this, unless you are confident you can achieve perfect results. Otherwise your furniture will look like a House Of Wax horror movie. Which isn't exactly ideal. Unless, of course, you're Vincent Price and you like that type of thing. We payed to have it done by a pro'. A paint pro' that is. To save further money we slip covered the existing chairs and it's as well we did conserve our cash 'cos you'll see there's a wall missing: the one that leads to the kitchen. Yup, open plan was order of the day so, with the approval of a structural engineer, down it came...

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Dining Room before and after - retro update

"Lay out the tea table, Grannie, the Maiden Aunts will be here any minute. And light the oil lamps while you're at it. We need to get some light into this parlour..." STOP!!! Enough, already. The perpetrators of this dining room time bubble are actually a hip young couple. Yet there's not one spec of evidence to suggest that. Hold onto your heels - it's time to flash forward. C and J stylee...

We're ALL about this dining room. A blue and white scheme immediately freshens the horror story, providing as it does a colour combo that's simultaneously modern AND retro. An elipse shaped marble topped table and classic Eiffel chairs are a great starting point for our designer vision. And a wood trimmed banquette complete with faux pony skin upholstery carries our dream forward. Hells bells we LOVE our job. Making ordinary homes extraordinary. Hey - we're just two boyz... but we do what we can!

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Dining Room before and after - New England Style

Old lady, Mrs Brady! Even our clients agreed their living room looked more like something from a maximum security twilight home than a comfy, family retreat. Time, we thought, for some emergency design ER...

Removing the closet that straddled the main living space and the hallway immediately opened our project. Simple T&G panelling added casual New England style while a pickled timber floor served to lighten the space even further. Baby blue (an eternal C&J favourite) walls provided warmth while upholstered Parsons chairs and a creamy sofa whizzed the room bang up to date. We detailed our vision with wicker and loads of beach inspired acessories. A scheme like this is an affordable way to give your home wonderful design presence. Aye, beautifying global homes, one needy room at at time - that's all we do...

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Dining room before and after - coastal style

OMG. The blue flock gave us goose bumps. The wood panelling had to go and the flooring was so worn it was almost revealing the joists below. But we had a cunning plan...

We opened up the space to reveal a stairwell and we added a new wooden bannister and newel post. Adding Karndean flooring (flexible and moisture resistant) instantly modernised the overal vibe, while chunky timber furnishings, driftwood sculptures and an outsized light fitting provided instant coastal identity. Hells bells we LOVE our job!

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Dining Room before and after - Night Club Style

Please! Stop right there! EVERYTHING needed to change in this dreadfully lifeless room. The owners, a couple in their early twenties, asked us to create for them a little night club inspired magic. We were only too happy to oblige. Cue the music!

Mixing the same pattern wallpaper in two different colour ways provided an instant new back drop for our exciting design. Positioning round mirrors helped bounce light while black leather and chrome chairs, a glass topped table and a gold rug were the final key notes that helped pump up the volume in this marvellously modern room.

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Dining Room before and after - Modern Country Style

A Granny Grey Hips hideaway… or the lair of a cool couple in their early forties? Believe it or not, the latter...

Distressed furniture, plain soft green walls, country accessories and fresh flowers make this scene MUCH more client appropriate. Part painting the existing table and chairs provided our clients with a country inspired dining room to be proud of.

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Dining Room before and after - Set The Juice Loose

OMG. What else can we say? Believe it or not the owners of this house had lived with this decorating crime scene since moving in…a decade ago! They explained that they’d simply never been able to determine the best way forward. They wanted a room that reflected their bright, zingy personalities… and we knew exactly where to start…

A zesty orange re interpretation of a classic dining chair. We crowded these Verner Panton lovelies around a white circular dining table and added retro lighting, mirrored walls and a gold mosaic fireplace to properly set the juice loose!

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Dining Room before and after - Our Chinese Takeaway

This room felt totally unloved. Last decorated some twenty five years past it had an overwhelmingly gloomy atmosphere. But we saw potential in that Chinese furniture. Yup, a little imagination would make all the difference…

Osborne & Little wallpaper set proudly above new wall panels immediately helped us assemble the first layer of design ‘presence’. We dispatched the existing furniture to a professional spray finisher and dressed the room with a Pan Asian feel to elicit walloping great whiffs of fine dining. Our client almost wept with joy when she walked through the door!

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