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A Great Celebratory Poem from Pam

Pop the corks and get the champers
For we are now all happy campers
After many weeks of anticipation
Nows the time for celebration

The website is here in orange and black
With tips and treats and all the crack
Photos, stories and all the news
And a link to the forum to share all your views

The decor is fab and the ideas just brill
I'll log on everday to get my makeover fill
The bedrooms look gorgeous, the bathrooms are joys
Colin and Justin are two talented boys

Its like having the laddies round for chat
There's even a piccy of Felix the Cat
He is just gorgeous - a feline of note
Yep, this new website really rocks my boat!

Applause and congrats to all who took part
and worked on the website right from the start
the end product is brilliant - best website by far
Please give yourselves a shiny gold star!

And Colin and Justin our own scumptious two
This message is sent from my heart to you
Thanks for making the effort and being there
for all your fans and showing us you care

Not many celebs are groovy and witty
and share with the fans their lives in the city
But piccies and stories and tales you impart
which brings you closer to all of our heart(s)

So thanks for your efforts in all of your posts
From Canada, London and Scotland's west coast
Your banter my day really does make
Now I'm off for a wee slice of Manor House Cake.


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