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Helloooo! 8 weeks. 24 VERY different vacation retreats, holiday homes and cottages. But whilst each is certainly unique, they all share one thing in common: they\'re all GREAT Canadian Cottages.

The Opinicon. Blackbirch. The Glass Boat House. The Tree House. The Hay Bale House. The Scottish Long House. Monument Channel Cottage. Tonight at 10pm - our concluding three cottages will be revealed. And P dot S - if you're joining our party late, worry ye not: the entire series goes into 'encore presentation' (in the same 10pm Thursdays time slot) from next week. Cheers for your viewership! #blessedbethecottage #thecottagerstale#praisebethefruitbasket #handmadetale PS - PLEASE don't tell us we spelled that last hash tag incorrectly...


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