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Cabin Pressure Episode 2 - airs tonight!

Cottaging ROCKS! There - we said it!

Tonight sees the broadcast of ep' 2 of 'C&J's Cabin Pressure'. Thanks to EVERYONE for their awesome support as our TV baby continues its launch, country wide! We've been on chat shows all over the country to promote the series and are thrilled by how well it's been received. Thrilled, not just for us, but for all the folk who worked so hard with us during our crazy lakeside adventure. Suppliers, TV crew, Laura our Art Director, Catherine, our director, Dan our contractor and a host of ancillary folk who loved, laughed and lived with us during summer 2013. And of course Cherri and David who trusted in our every move.

Anyway, last week you saw us track down - and buy - a run down log home. A home which we THOUGHT was a show stopping beauty queen. Hmm. 'Thought' being the operative word. We were SO wrong. Fact is, in our opinion, we bought a PIG IN LIPSTICK. In fairness our inspection noted certain issues, but we were seduced by all the wood...

Undeterred, however, we saved the cottage from an uncertain future. Some people might have demolished the cabin. We, however, saved our grand old lady from being razed. Which was an honour. We detected her faint heartbeat... and we jump started her faint cardiovascular activity with pure, unadulterated love. 

As you watch the series, you'll see the rot set in. It's actually heart breaking. Devastatingly heart breaking. But hey ho. We lived. And, God damn, it we learned. Jeesh.

Anyway, tonight we transform a guest bedroom. And we touch on our plans for a total of TWELVE glorious room reveals. 

But be under NO illusion. We don't lavish cash on expensive stuff when we don't have to. We shop smart. And we shop clever. Kijiji. Ebay. Second hand stores. Consignment shops etc. Of course we also shop from some fabulous higher end outlets - but it's all in the mix, right? 

'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure', Tuesdays, Cottage Life TV, 10pm ET/PT and 11pm Mountain Time. 

E N J O Y ! ! !

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