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Getting near our brand new show!

Stepping out of the city... and stepping into the country. Scared? Us? Notice the paint brushes in our pockets. And the looks on our faces. Whilst there is a certain fear of becoming suddenly displaced, we are nevertheless heading back to the lake. After a much needed city battery charge. Yup, we are preparing to enter the eye of the storm and the chaos of our wee cabin. See our whole adventure come to life in just a few short months; catch all the action on our brand new reality/design series - 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure'. Coming to you exclusively on Cottage Life TV. Along with a sister magazine column, penned by us, in Cottage Life Magazine. And a brand new website. And good news; the exciting new network is currently in FREE preview. Grab a taster. Courtesy of Cottage Life. Now! Enjoy, C&J xx


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