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Yellow hallway as seen in our Rona Mag column

So you asked us for more design tips on 'making an entrance'. And, like your dutiful social media whirlwinds, we are happy to oblige. Here's a simple transformation from our back catalogue (as seen in the Rona Magazine) that should provide you with some workable ideas. Remember that our designs are always client relevant and therefore masterminded for the whims of each individual paymaster. If... yellow isn't your thang, you can still be inspired by the physical reworking of this formerly hellish hallway into the bright welcoming space it has now become. Baby blue would be lovely, if perhaps a little cool, and a soft sagey green would also work well. But OMG - we're kicking ass with the jaunty Miami yellow and our cleints screamed - a joyous hollering howl - when they espied our work. And then? Well, then they wept soft tears of joy. We love our job; making ordinary homes extraordinary. Praise be the healing power fo the paint chart. Amen. C and J xx


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