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Slept for ten hours...

Feeling SO revived.  A long sleep appears to cure all work overload ills!

Heading downstairs for breakfast although we've just looked out over the terrace and the crazy couple are already at a table.  We met them last night and theyre both retired artists.  He looks for all the world like Jimmy Saville and is wearing Speedo's and she has exactly the same look as The Bride Of Wilderstein... in a bikini.  They are utterly mesemerising although perhaps for all the wrong reasons.  Wanted to post a pic taken from above but we reckon that would breach their privacy so you'll just have to imagine!!!  They're both easily in their 80's but you gotta admire their bottle!  Rich, elderly and disgracefully dressed!  Mental note; no Speedo's over a certain age...

Hope you're having a good day and that the weather at home in Canada and the UK is still holding out,

Cheers for now,

C and J xx


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