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Caribbean Vacay!

Hello lovelies!

It's hard to believe that just three and a half hours from Toronto can be found searing heat in the late 30's!!  But it's true, and for seven glorious days we own it.  It's ours.  And we couldn't be happier...

It's ages since we had a real holiday, and boy, did we need it! After a busy period in Toronto covering TIFF for City TV and working on several corporate projects, we're actually on proper C&J 'down time' and it feels wonderful.  We're tucked into a beautiful clap board covered hotel on a private island and the pace is so relaxed that we're having trouble staying awake!  It really feels like another world.  Our suite has a mahogany four poster bed and a limestine floor with a Jacuzzi hot tub that could accomodate half of Scotland - it's massive! 

The view from our little world is directly on to the ocean and, as we look out, several little fishing boats are bobbing around, their crews reeling in lobsters and other oceanic denizon delights.  This area is rich in sea food and much of what the hotel serve is caught locally by native fishers.

We would have liked to have stayed for two weeks but we have to be back in Toronto as we've just been appointed ambassadors for a revolutionary new flu jab and we need to work ahead of it's launch on 13th October.  We'll post you all the details in the next few days so you can see what we've been working on.  As boys who're a little needle phobic, this new jab makes the prospect of immunisation MUCH more appealing!

Anyway; back to our holiday! Today we rose late, about 9am, and, after a shower, headed down to breakfast.  The staff are really looking after us and had been trying to get us to have breakfast in our room as there are loads of US and Brit' tourists and it was a bit like a photo call when we walked into the dining room last night!  But no worries - we're TOTALLY cool with that; all the folk who've been approaching us for pic's etc have been really warm and friendly so it's actually nice to meet and mingle.  No grumbles from us there! 

After breakfaast we took a speed boat and cruised round the island.  The water, we have to report, is stunning turquoise and the marine life is beautiful.  With little persuasion we went snorkelling and saw some fo the most beautiful tropical fish we've ever seen.  Puffers, parrot fish, the lot!  After a picnic on a remote secluded beach we headed back to the hotel and lazed by the pool until the sun started to fade.  It's still really warm out of the sun and as we write this we're sitting in the tearrce bar at the hotel and the staff are serving sundowner cocktails.  Blimey; we could get very used to this.

Shortly, we'll be applying gallons of after sun and lazing around before our dinner table at 9pm.  Although we're on holiday we still have to keep up with our newspaper columns and all the other things that roll the cogs of C&J Enterprises, so we'll dedicate sufficient time between our lazy days to keep abreast of everything.  We're also currently working on the redesign of a large Scottish house for a private client so we'll be dotting the i's and crossing th t's on that scheme from under the Dom' Rep' palm trees. Bliss!

Just a wee heads up, too, that we'll be headlining the Abbotsford Womens Show in Vancouver at the end of the month.  Hope to see some of our BC friends and fans over that way - we're staying in our favourite Vancouver hotel (The Shangrila) and have managed to add a couple of days RnR so we can relax after the show is over.

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty,  Thank you for all your continued support over the last while and particularly for all your comments during our appearance on Celebrity Masterchef! 

Catch our weekly design and decor' musings in The Toronto Star (and on line at and in The Sunday Mail in Scotland.  Drop us a line to either newspaper and we'll try and address any of your questions or suggestions!  In BC you can read our column in Flavors Magazine and, wherever you are in Canada, you can catch our tips via our online Rona Magazine column.

look after yousrselves and we promise to write more soon,

C and J xx

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