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Red Carpet Fantastic

Yup, we're having a blast so far!  Last night we got to interview Jennifer Garner and Chase Crawford (OMG!!!!!!) and tonight we're gearing up for Nicholas Cage.  It's been SUCH a fun ride so far and the atmosphere has been absolutely electric.  Being booked for this gig has been a real eye opener; we had no idea that working in a live news forum would be quite as much fun!

Our pals James, Cat and Peter are staying with us during TIFF so we've had a lot of fun with them too.  Went to a drag bar on Church last night - which was a scream - and then we went to a Karaoke bar and stayed there till just shy of three am.  Blimey; we're SO rad'...

This morning we headed into the city and grabbed The Hippo Bus for a tour round the city before it took to the water for a cruise on Lake Ontario.  Yup, you read that correctly - it's an amphibious vehicle and was loads of fun.

Headed up to Summerhill after our bus cruise for lunch with Cherri and David and now we're back at our condo getting ready for whatever this TIFF party can throw at us next!  bring it on say we; we're SO enjoying every minute...

Trust this finds you all hale and hearty,

Cheers for now,

Colin and Justin xx


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