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Less than 4 hours flying time from Toronto, and in the same time zone (so no jet lag) The Mayan Riviera is sublime.  With crystal clear waters and friendly people, it's a great place to visit.  Golden sands, sunshine and clear air make it a no brainer for anyone who wants to 'escape'.  Seriously: it's a super destination.  We stayed at Hotel XCaret and found it to be immaculately clean, super well designed and a great mix of old and new: contemporary architecture set within the craggy iron shore landscape delivered a rustic modern aesthetic.   And did we mention outstanding food?

Our renewal ceremony took place on the beach, officiated by our pal' Jessica Mulroney, and it was simple to the max.  It's going to be featured as the cover story of Wedding Vacations magazine (on shelves in January) and you'll also be able to catch highlights of it all on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

The reason we decided to open this ceremony up on a public platform is because we're keen to how that in today's world we should all be accorded the same rights.  We'll be the first same sex couple on the magazine cover and the editorial will, we hope, make anyone who wants to feel good about whomever they are to be exactly that: free, welcome, and loved.  We're super proud.  So yes: there's a little politics in there - and a little bit of our ambition for equal rights - but mostly: we did it this we because, in the year 2018... we CAN.  And we DO.  And we DID.  Love is love, right?


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