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PLEASE read this Thanksgiving post. It warmed our hearts...

Travelling to the cottage last week, we stopped for breakfast at The Sunset Grill in Keswick. Whilst waiting for our order to arrive, a lovely woman stopped by our table to tell us how much she enjoys our various TV shows. Anyway, we chatted for a few moments and, as she left, she gave us THE loveliest smile, one which warmed our hearts.

Spool forward an hour or so and we headed to the counter to settle our bill. Our server explained that the cheque, and that of Carol and Lewis, has been taken care of by the super friendly woman (and her husband) to whom we'd chatted earlier. Our server knew their names (Gail and Ken) as they've apparently been customers for some time. By now long gone, however, we were unable to thank them in person. So we left this note, and asked that it be given to them when next they came in.

Anyhoo - Carol suggested we take a pic of the note and post it via social media to ramp up the chances of our gratitude making its way to the breakfast benefactors. So herewith...

Carol and Lewis had already fallen in love with Canada by the time we were all so generously treated to breakfast, but this just affirmed, for them, what they'd been saying since their arrival: Canadians are a special bunch. A very special bunch indeed.

So if YOU know Gail and Ken - who apparently live near the aforementioned diner - please tell them they made us fiercely happy. And fiercely proud of the country we've called home from home for many years.

Aye, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, folks. It's been our honour to have been welcomed in by all of you. And to have been made to feel so welcome. And Gail and Ken - please know that your kind act made us all smile. Thank you, from Colin and Justin, and on behalf of Carol and Lewis xx


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