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Got ourselves a new truck! And did someone say plaid shirts?

So what drew us to the truck? Well, the build quality appealed, the long standing affiliation with Canada was a no brainer and the stylish lines of the brand’s inventory spoke for itself. Super cool, huh?  Plus, positioned as Curry, the glossy car dealership is in Haliburton, the convenience factor SO stacked up.  

And today we took possession of our new jewel! The proffessional team made selecting the right model a fun experience (taking into account local roads, carrying requirement and fuel economy) and we finally settled on this beauty, the Colorado, in sexy black. And hey: this truck is fierce! A go anywhere beast that’s every bit as comfy as a luxury sedan, our new baby has GREAT road handling and head turning lines.  It'll be great in cottage country AND it'll be a slick drive to - and indeed in - the city.

We’re seen here with (left to right) Cheryl Smith, Customer Services Manager, Bob Bullock, Sales Manager and Jason Curry, Sales and Leasing Consultant. And FYI – that’s Skye, Cheryl’s beautiful puppy! The team made everything super easy in a totally ‘non pressured’ environment. And any dealership with resident animals gets extra points from us. FYI – Bob has two cats, so our boy Beamer also approved!

If you spot us on the road, we’ll be playing Don McLean’s “American Pie” whilst joyously lip syncing the words: “Drove my Chevy to the Levy…” at every turn. Cos that’s how we roll up North… Cheers! C&J x


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