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Where are you reading or watching us?

Whilst the majority of our followers are in Canada, Britain, America, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and the Far East, we're excited to send a shoutout to our growing fan base across South America, where a previous show (‘Colin and Justin’s Home Heist’) now airs on AMC. Welcome: it’s good having you here! Anyway: 'location intel’, for us, is useful as far as ‘content’ (across all platforms) is concerned, so go on, tell us: in which country are you watching or reading? Cheers! C&J xx

PS - for anyone curious about the difference between South America and Latin America - guess it's fair to say the former is a geographical grouping whereas the latter is a cultural grouping. That said, we're happy to be corrected on this by anyone who can offer a better description!


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