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A restaurant defo worth trying

Seriously. Crisp edged, softer - but still crispy - middle. Juicy pineapple and plump ham on one. Cacciatore, chicken and fennel sausage on the other. Double tasty. Give them a go! 

And for any of you who might wonder why we always seem to praise (and seldom slate) restaurants and bars - allow us to enlighten: we'd rather shut our gobs if someone screws up. Maybe they've had a bad day/nite. Ain't really up to us to piss on them for their failings. Could have been a one off, right? Something might have happened in their personal life. Social media can destruct a reputation on a writer's whim. But be under no illusion: we'll tackle crappy service - and poor food - head on in situ, and in private.

So OF COURSE we've had bad experiences - we just prefer not talking about them in the public domain. We're in the business (for the most part) to be jolly. Does that any make sense? C&J xx


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