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Properly teary to be leaving this sanctuary, this haven from the wider world, a world which seems to be getting crazier every time we read a story or open a newspaper.

Jeeeesh - can't we all just co inhabit in harmony? Furthermore if, as a race, we are indeed so special and so unique - with such alleged higher level 'intelligence' -can't we just lay down the guns? And stop the fighting? And stop the wars? We're going home to Toronto this morning, buoyed and renewed by this Grand Cayman trip. And while we mightn't yet be sure quite how we'll use our own renewed positivity to help others, the ambition is at the front of our minds. Regardless of colour, or creed, or gender or sexual persuasion or religion - let's all just hug it out, already. Aren't we all the same? Deep inside?
 — at Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.


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