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An, erm, radical before and after. Our brief was to create a luxe hotel bathroom chic vibe.

Sad as it was to lose that berber (yuk: carpet in the bathroom is a harbinger of bodily ooze and nail clippings) we simply had to tear it asunder. And that glitzy, metal effect wallpaper soon submitted to our steamers...

Ideas to steal? Marble tile is often way less expensive than slabs: we got this from Rona. A large fitted mirror will add the glam factor in any space. A mixture of 'closed' and 'open' storage makes sense. A mosaic stone tile in a similar genus or colour can be used to create an anti slip 'rug'. Sure footed safety, right? Ceiling pot lights will keep overhead areas clear. And a built in TV? Why the hell not? This one was by Aquavision who make specialist water proof units. Finally - a two sided glass shower enclosure - way better than a flappy shower curtain that can gather mild and mildew.

So - flushed with success? Our clients were thrilled and so were we. Just another week in the life of a mammoth C&J makeover!


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