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Here is our after shot - the kitchen is a crucial room to correct - working to the premise that buyers inherit this room fully furnished, it kinda has to be right.

Here's a project where we 'simplified' the entire look and brightened everything into the bargain. We also installed loads of character, as well as a new door to the garden. 

Our realtor, as he scanned these images, maintained that this reno' probably added around 40,000 - 50,000 dollars to the price of this Ontario house. The kitchen refit took 18,000. Cabinetry is past stock from IKEA Canada

Tips to consider? A brighter colour scheme adds perceived value. Open shelving promotes a feeling of space. Good 'counter scaping' makes the room appear indulged. Crisp metal finishes evoke a fresh, professional vibe. Lighting - a mix of over head and under cabinet: illumination is important. 

Anyway - as we always say: YOUR homes? OUR pleasure. 

Hope you like our simple project - hugs, Colin and Justin xx


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