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Australia RULES!

Discovering this new beautiful continent for ourselves has been SOOOO exciting.  This is our 3rd trip across here in ten months and we just can't get enough of Australian culture.  

Our first trip found us guesting on two episodes of The Living Room (we sexed up the suburbs with some smokin' hot makeovers) and appearing on Studio Ten.  Plus we hosted the Reid Gift Fair Gala at Darling Harbour - on a floating pontoon full of 700 retail delegates.  MC'ing that gig was FAB fun!  This trip we've been guest judges on The Block which we filmed in Melbourne.  Can't, for now, say that which we judged (all will be revealed when the series airs) suffice to say we'll be popping up on a couple of episodes on this monolithic Australian TV series. And adding our own brand of 'warm frank honesty'!  No spoilers: you'll have to tune in!  

We've also found some quiet time with a wonderful trip to The Whitsundays.  Via Hamilton Island we sailed to Hayman Island where we stayed at The One And Only.  We had SUCH a peaceful time in the most beautiful, lush setting.  Okay so the weather didn't play ball - BUT the welcome we received was really great.  Awesome water sports, super food and all capped off with a helicopter trip to The Great Barrier Reef.

We're now back in Sydney - plotting and planning.  We couldn't leave Canada or The UK on a permanent basis BUT we can so see ourselves taking 'seasons' over this way on our various projects.  But Canada and the UK will always lure us back.  But yes - defo: we hope to be back in Oz as regularly as we can! We LOVE it here.  The design scene is amazing, the retail sector absolutely on fire and the restaurant scene an often Bachanalian triumph.   What's not to love?  As we write this, we're peering down from our hotel room at the wonder of Sydney Harbour.  The Opera House is right there in all it's stunning glory.  And the SH Bridge is glowing in all its monolithic splendour.  STUNNING City.  Come visit!  And we'll visiting Melbourne again soon AND touring other parts of Oz as soon as we can.  Yup - we're falling in love with all things Antipodean....


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