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Katy Perry

So. While neither of us are the biggest Katy Perry music fans - we reckon she did a fair job at Super Bowl half time. And, come to think of it, most of her songs are actually fairly anthemic and fun. So we're re grouping...

That which has really incensed us, however, is some of the stuff that trolls have been saying about Katy's 'size'. Her 'size' to us looked awesome. She looked utterly fit, totally happy and, well, if she has a few extra curves, then WTF? If we were girls we'd KILL for a figure like hers. The more we think about Katy the more we're on side. She's sending out a better message to girls than many 'waif' type celebrities who encourage kids to become obsessed (for all the wrong reasons) with their corporal form. We loved her line in the media today where she said: "I might not have air gap thighs but I've got killer eyebrows."

Anyway : we this week visited, and will soon be doing a little work with, an incredibly hard working Toronto centre that takes care of people with eating disorders (whether over or under consumption) and in a very short time we have become extra sensitive to the damage that can be caused by quick and un sensitive comments. From sectors of the media, particularly unmeasured social media.

So please. Can we allow young girls (and boys for that matter) and in fact men and women of any age, to live comfortably with their shape, as long as they are properly healthy? 

We just had to get this off our chests.

So go Katy - we have your back. Because it seems you have the backs of so many of those who look up to you. Respect. 

Colin and Justin x


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