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We're teasing ourselves - our Sydney hotel, the QT, is just a few minutes walk from the harbour, but we haven't been down to take a look at the Opera House or the bridge... as yet. We're hoping to see it for the first time tonight, in darker hours, during the opening VIP gala and launch of VIVID, an amazing light show festival that is apparently beyond (visual) belief. The harbour and the SOH, we understand, will be illuminated like never before. A blaze of twinkling frenzy, by all accounts, will bring the harbour to an exciting new starry level. News stations are buzzing. There's a feverish excitement ahead of the party...
In other news, the mercury's vertiginous ascent seems unstoppable. Aye, the weather is gorgeous in stunning Sydney and will apparently top out today at 28 degrees. Slip slap slop, say the weather forecasters... Gosh, the air is so fresh, like candy. Everyone seems to be smiling. There are T shirts and board shorts everywhere. And we've learned that flip flops, in Antipodean parlance, are called thongs...
More from us later...


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