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After pic of Ikea upcylcle

As our friends and fans in Canada already know, we became resident design experts on Cityline, the country's number one talk show, a few months back. Since starting, we've focussed on making design accessible to everyone, no matter class or social standing. Sure, we also love chatting up the market's higher end, but we're perhaps most comfortable when referencing high street stores from which we pluck great value basics - and then Colin and Justify them. One of the stores from which we regularly source good quality 'flat' pack, is Ikea. For your reference, this is their Malm cabinet in white, as we bought it. And here are TWO Colin and Justified REversions. We used a little imagination and some inexpensive lay on acrylic sheet detailing. And hey presto - the ordinary became EXTRAORDINARY. God damn it we LOVE our job! Check out the range of decals and self adhesive panels at My Overlays and prepare for inspiration OVERLOAD. 
YOUR house - OUR pleasure. Colin and Justin xx

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