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Pinky pink!

We wouldn't be doing you a good service is we only posted pics of C&J projects which we think you'll like. SO!!! In the name of provocation - here's a pink house, created by us from the shell of a grimly dowdy God forsaken drab dungeon of a home. We waved our wands for a lovely couple who back flipped their way to paradise when we revealed the transformation. Both gregarious girls loved the transformation but were somewhat ruffled when we suggested it. We FULLY expect to get some neg' comments from some of you but that's cool - we just HAVE to show your our full spectrum. And besides - creating this for one set of clients does not mean it's appropriate for all our paymasters. But we dirty filthy LOVE it and so did the girls! Bring on the pink! Sugar pink walls! Cotton candy riots. Lipstick lovely! Marshmallow dreams! Go on! Get in there! And from a fashion persecutive, pink is hot to trot. So stick it in!


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