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Before shot? Hellish to the power o\' ten

A little spot of Thursday design inspiration. God forgive us, this bedroom was a grubby scandal when we took its shoddy reigns. And that description, believe it or not, was by our client's grim account. Surprisingly enough, though, we offered no resistance to her frank narrative. It had been her naughty little secret, but, with our arrival, she happily shared it with the world. She had, you see, no shame. And nor, for that matter, did we as we chastised her for such benign unfamiliarity with a duster. The room, put simply, was a shocking observation of what can occur if you forget to lift a cloth or abstain from wielding that Hoover. Caked in an inch of dust (dust is, by all accounts, approx 60% human 'debris') and with about as much design pedigree as a derelict RV (the one in Breaking Bad?) we winced as we minced and sighed as we cried. But nothing is beyond our reparative spell. Hell, no. Not even that shameful duvet cover. Cue a gut down, a full dumpster and some dreamy wallpaper by Thibaut. New flooring amplified drama and a second hand bed from Marty Millionaire (we painted it white) became an instant focal point. After tossing in a new rug and a clutch of pillows and cushions, our work was done. And just look at the bitch now. Another room 'correction' and another happy client. We just hope she kept everything in order. Colin and Justin, Domestic Visionaries and inter galactic corrector of design malevolence.  Please and thank you xx


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