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Bye bye old linens!

Blimey - we wanted to update you guys about the animal sanctuary in which we just filmed As our cottage, when we bought it, was full of hellish bedding, linens, towels and all manner of drab fabrics left by the previous owners, we did a little research to discover what could be done with the spare stuff. The reusable bits went to charities around Muskoka and all the other stuff that wasn't of us...e to humans went to the Aspen Valley animal sanctuary who use old bedding to wrap up and make comfortable the wild animals that are brought in to the non government funded operation. Aspen take care of bears that have been saved from circuses and orphaned wolf cubs - amongst many other animals in need. One lovely old bear (whose teeth and claws had been ripped out by a cruel circus master so she could be used to train dogs) was SO gentle to her carers. Frankly, it was so emotional to see animals that have been so wickedly tortured by humans... being 'at one' with other humans. NB - these are still wild animals so they need respect and due attention. That's where Aspen Valley come in. Respect to them. And we hope the bales of bedding are useful to them as they do their thing. Trust this epistle finds you hale and hearty, C&J xx


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