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Screw rubbish disposal fees! We were quoted a FORTUNE to take our building reno' discard away. So we looked at the alternatives. Safeguarded by an online Muskoka guide pertaining to safe disposal of lumber via inferno (and mindful not to singe our beloved trees) we waited for the 6pm curfew and lit a match. Blimey! We burned just shy of a ton (our old deck, part of our dock and the entirety of our Muskoka room) but we still have one more ton to go. So! Two more bonfires coming up this week. And P dot S - we kept a garden hose handy just in case... And P dot S again - we baked potatoes and corn on the open flames. Fun and dinner in one flaming swoop. God damn it we're SO outdoors. SO outdoors, we tell ya! Colin and Justin, Kinky (safe) Fire Starters xx


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