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Mother Nature is CRAZY!

So we left Toronto, mid afternoon, in the blazing sunshine. As we pounded the Tarmac, however, and battled a path towards our cottage, everything started to change. Blue skies were replaced by hazy grey clouds which filled everything above us. As we eased our truck into the car park in front of a cute wee pizza resto (just ahead of Rosseau) an ominous black sky began to emerge. Inside the resto there was a tangible and ponderous air of expectation. Quick as a flash, the temperature plummeted - by several degrees - and a first bolt of lightening sparked in the sky, making the impish wee twins sitting at the next table squeal with delight. By the time the second bolt reverberated around the lake (over which we and other diners viewed) WE squealed with delight. Like a circus, the world lit up, as blazing zig zags of electricity slashed, Zorro style, through an inky black sky. As we ordered from a simple menu, the claps of thunder became and louder. BANG! Everyone screamed as the lights went out for a second. Then, just as quickly, they came back on. The twins were beside themselves - literally and emotionally. A gentle dad grabbed one wee girl and hugged her close as Mom lifted the other half of the matching set onto the safety of the maternal knee. There was something about the moment which was just so pure and familial... and utterly, utterly lovely to observe. Spool forward a couple of hours and we're home, candles lit, in our cute wee place. The rain is lashing down on our lake and water is bouncing everywhere. The only other sound is that of a Loon, calling through the night. An eerie, beguiling sound. A unique noise. As we switch off our city life for a couple of days, we remind ourselves just how lucky we are; to have each other to share the - near - silence. Sending huge hugs from the North, Colin and Justin x


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