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Andy Murray wins Wimbledon!

A sincere thank you to all the peeps who posted updates for us during the final moments of today's Wimbledon final.  We were at an event in Canada and unable to watch the match but your tweets and facebook messages helped us feel part of it.  After the match concluded - and you guys messaged us the results - we let out such a roar at The Queens Plate horse race that an elderly lady came over to ask if we were ok.  When we explained what had just happened she burst out crying.  Turns out she too is a proud Scot but has been unable to return home for many years.  She explained that seeing two Scots so delighted about another Scot's success made her feel like she was back home in Glasgow.  Anyway, if you know us, you'll know that the lovely lady's reaction was enough to set us off too!  She and we had a right good Scottish greet...
Jeez! Homesick here!  Glasgow nine more sleeps and counting....xx


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