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Weekend here we come!

Laying our virtual quills to one side for the evening.  Popping the lid back on our wee well of cyber Quink.  Aye, it's time for a little RnR.  A bottle of Stella, perhaps, and a peek at the telly.  When it comes down to it, you see, we are simple boys.  Some might say, ahem, VERY simple.  We, however, prefer to think of ourselves as 'uncomplicated'.  And no, it won't be a late one; we have another episode of Cityline to prepare tomorrow (we're upcycling to identical vanity units from Habitat For Humanity) and a busy weekend stretches frantically ahead.  Staying in Toronto this time and up to all manner of nonsense.  For t'is the weekend and we feel like going just a tiny bit crackers... Hell mend us we may even have a second glass of sweet sherry when Saturday finally arrives.  For that, indeed, is how we roll...


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