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A NO new furniture dining room reno? Leave it to us.

  Hope this inspires you guys. Faced with a tight budget, we had to be extra creative. Our main project cash was assigned (with all relevant consents in place) to removing parts of the ...wall between the kitchen and the dining room and, after investing in that massive job, there was precisely NO money left for a new table, chairs or wall unit. Being that the existing furniture was in sound condition, a quick call to the car spray shop saved the day. If you're spraying furniture on a DIY basis, spend as long as you can on prep'. And remember this tried and tested C&J motto; 'TO FAIL TO PLAN IS TO PLAN TO FAIL'. Sand it, baby, like there was no tomorrow. Then sand it all a little more. This done, undercoat to seal wood, base coat carefully and build up your colour coat by gradual coat. God, we LOVE our job! Colin and Justin xx


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