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Any room, no matter how awful, can be fixed...

Chaps! From the messages and mail you send us we know you seem to love 'before and afters'... so here's another project we tackled to keep you happy. Turning a messy basement into a teen room heaven was actually relatively simple. First things first, we added new locks and extra bolts - along with new French doors - and then our carpenters dry walled the entire space. Next, we tackled the design, opting for slick monochrome with an ebony accent zone and 'peel and stick' wall transfers. Ceramic flooring from Tile Shoppe, a rug from Bouclair, a pair of $80 bedside tables from Homesense and a set of crisp white linen completed the exciting new look. And, being that the schematics are essentailly black and white, the bedroom's inhabitant can switch things up with colour as and when required. Darlings it's all about flexibility and we, God damnit, are like Russian gymnasts... x


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