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We\'re still giggling about this!

Oops! Forgot to tell you a wee funny. In the airport lounge today I was napping and there was a really pretty girl sitting next to us who smiled but, for the most part, remained silent. When I managed to wake myself up with a wee snort, I caught her eye, at which point she smiled and said (what I thought was) 'Fatty Gay?" Well! I immediately looked down to see if my Ralph Lauren sweathshirt ha...d rolled itself up over my tummy and when I saw that it hadn't I sent her a one part friendly/ one part withering look. How dare she! Fatty Gay? Then she said it again, but this time I discerned a French accent. Ah... 'Fatigue?' Of course. She was saying; 'You tired?' Bless. Turns out she watches our show in France (where we are renamed 'Deco Boys') and, after I explained the confusion, we laughed and shared a fun and chatty half hour. Still giggling! Justin x


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