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Hame in Scotlandia!

Mouse around Fulham road home stores to service clients.  Breakfast at Bluebird Cafe on Kings Road in London. Eggs Benny. Then back to our doll sized flat to give it a massive (pre) Spring clean. Dyson brandished. Rubber gloves snapping. Polish sprayed. Cloths rotated. Flight from London delayed. But by only half an hour. Glasgow. Bags unpacked after our London jaunt. Visuals that resemble a clothing store after an earthquake. Just about to settle into an evening in our Glasgow home when the guilt trip sets in. Today was scheduled as a gym day. Noooooo! So. Left leg and lunge. Jane Fonda workout gear yanked from the closet. It was way back, somewhere in Narnia. Jump in truck. Head to gym. Work that skirt. Two hours later we wallk free, conscience salved. Quick Chinese at Chow. Deelish. Lip lickingly good. Home again. Late night in front of the telly beckons. Cos that's how we roll. And damn it.... NO wine. Sad faces, but God the waistlines are trimming up nicely. We're like Russian gymnasts. Only a little older. Meanwhile, whales around Canada can breathe easily. For we shall require no bones for any further corsets. Just another life in the day of your favourite Style Warriors xx


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