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Subduing, sleep inducing, relaxing Muskoka...

Been here in gorgeous Muskoka for a full week and every night we've been asleep by 10pm.  The days are all about long walks, chats and booze... and polishing the ice on the lake so we can skate as soon as we, well, get skates...

Investing in this cottage has been a great decision.  Together with our pals Cherri and David we searched many cottage estates until we found this one; our dream.  Built from logs and cosy as pie it's such a great place to spend time.  The weather has been fluctuating around minus 12 degrees for most of the time and the landscape is rugged and wild.

But that's kind of the whole thing we wanted from our new holiday home.  The barren landscape is beautiful yet at the same time bleak.  Summer, of course, will show a very different side to Muskoka and, having visited on several previous occasions - when we stayed with friends - we know what to expect when the mercury's vertiginous descent finally abates.

Today we're having a lazy dazy with a spot of cleaning (oh, the glamour) as we prepare for the year that lies ahead.  Jeeeez.  2013?  Hello?   Already?  And, just for the hell of it, we're setting up Salon Justin.  Yup, I've brought my shears - and a barbaric bone toothed barbers comb - and Colin and David will soon be in the chair.  The Muskoka salon chair that is...

Sending huggles to one and alll,

C et J xx


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