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Busy weekend thus far...

Howdie troops,

Trust all's well.  You getting into the Christmas spirit yet?  Hard to believe it's only nine days till the big day!  Jeeeez!  We've been run ragged this last while in Scotland.  Had great fun with Save The Children fronting their 'Festive Jumper' campaign and on Friday we attended the Cash For Kids charity lunch as guests of Lord Jack McConnel. 

As always, we spend around half of each day staring fixedly at our drawing boards; our home wares product range is doing great guns in North America so we have to work on inspiration and sketches pretty much non stop.  You can find our range in a host of stores such as Winners, TK Maxx, TJ Maxx, Homesense, Home Goods and Marshalls and in other similar outlets and stores.  Cheers for all your support; it certainly seems like bringing our colllection into Canada and America was the right thing to do.  This month we launched even more items - leather high backed chairs etc - and they've been selling out as soon as they've reached stores so we're double thrilled!

In other news we've finally completed a couple of private client projects that we've been working on for some time.  A little pad in NYC for which we've drawn together plans for layout, colour scheming and furnishings.  It's a wee jewel box and we're thrilled with the way it's turned out.

We've also created an exciting new floorplan for a client in Los Angeles who's bought a mid century villa in the Hollywood Hills.  We're taking it back to it's glory days which will be quite some task as the house had been empty for several years.  OMG - we're LOVING this project!  When it's done (and with our client's permission) we'll do an 'at home' in our Toronto Star column and let you see what we've been up to...

After several years in and out of Toronto we've decided to invest in a second Canadian property.  Together with two close friends we've bought THE most amazing log home right beside a pretty, private lake.  We can almost hear the Loons calling us.  We take possession in just four days!  Yay! So we'll dash over to Canada later this week to spend our first Christmas ever outside Scotland.  That'll be an odd one but, we hope, a good one!   

Trust this epistle finds you well, hale and hearty.  Keep well and wrap up well against these chills!

More from us soon,

C and J xx


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