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Feeling safe in Scotland...

Looking out over a very chilly Glasgow while warmed by the roaring open fire in our drawing room. Strangely, there's this white dust falling in gentle clouds from the heavens. And it melts as it grabs the earth. Outside people skid and slide as they navigate our street. As we savour the joys of mince pies and cocoa from behind ancient Scottish glazing we give thanks for the world that is. And for its elements that are good. We will not complain of being cold or getting wet if we venture outdoors; we shall remain thankful that we can feel the elements as they do their worst. And we will celebrate our great luck and good fortune that we can slide and skid. Together. We feel just a wee bit emotional as we compose this epistle. We're glad to be near our friends and families.... but we miss those who are not here...


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