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Cher Lloyd - we love her!

This will probably be a controversial post from us - we're fascinated by the way in which Cher Lloyd's team has positioned her so succsessfully in the US.  If you remember, we were fans from that first - highly berated - single that had the (to many folk) cloying 'Oh my darling Clementine' - esque chorus.  We completely see why she drives so many peeps in the UK crazy.  BUT -  we applaud her drive and hard work.  Her steely determination, clever wee songs and the GENIUS assembly of her 'brat' army make us respect what has been achieved.   Even though we've lost interest in X Factor, we're interested to see the mechanics of the pop industry take over and send folk on their respective journeys.  And to her critcis we say this; please be minful of Cher's youth; she's barely out of childhood yet she's had to listen to a battery of wicked comments from a host of bitter, evil, angry journalists in her home country.  Surprisingly, The Daily Mail has been her unstinting ambassador.  We like that. 

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