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Upcycling on BOTH sides of 'The Pond'. In Toronto this weekend we popped into the Habitat For Humanity store on Carlaw where we espied LOADS of fab' second hand items; tables, chairs and credenza's, many of which would spring to life with a coat of paint or some other gorgeous treatment. We just love the inventive possibilities that a store like this offers. Creativity and imagination are free,...
and 'make over' costs are often affordable in relation to buying brand new. On the other side of The Pond, we recommend The Salvation Army Store for awesome fixer upper bargains. The Glasgow store is a particulary good outlet and, in there, we've bagged many a wicked deal. Ask for Denise or Harry and prepare to be bowled over by great prices! Upcycling? Charitable, a masterstroke of environmental awareness and easy on the pocket, to boot. What's not to like? This epistle was delivered for your style hungry and cash conscious appetite from the style laboratory at McAllister Ryan Towers. xx


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