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Mile High...

Howdie troops,

We can hardly believe that eleven glorious, sun filled days have passed so quickly in Grand Cayman. We should report that it was a particularly star studded trip; as much as we’d like to dish with immediate effect, we’ve elected to wrap it into our column. As such, you can read about it in Saturday's Toronto Star and our syndicated cross Canada titles. Aye, it’s a mixture of BIG names and big ideas!

At the crack of this morning's beautiful dawn we propelled from our slumbers and enjoyed our final breakfast, sur terrace, in glossy Grand Cayman. Even at 6am the sky was welcoming and bright and the avian chorus was an aural joy to behold. And then, all too quickly, we were kissing Seven Mile Beach goodbye and getting ready for the first leg of our journey back to Toronto via, rather fabulously, Miami. Cue memories of Rose signing; Miami is nice, Miami is nice, Miami is nice so I'll say it twice." Then Dorothy; "That's THREE times, Rose..." Yup, we'll always have a special place in our hearts for The Golden Girls; the series is firmly embedded deep within our genes.

After two hours we touched down in Miami where we had a fun wee day - first things first; a walk along the beach. Blimey; some of those US guys have corporal form that appears carved from stone. Note to selves; never EVER eat anything again and go to the gym five times a day.

Next up was lunch at The Betsey Hotel, which made a refreshing change from The Tides, our normal South Beach hangout. The staff at The Betsey are fun and friendly and a particularly big shout out goes to our waiter who guided us carefully (and patiently!) through his delicious menu as we asked a million and one questions. Health kick, and all - we’re getting SO fussy with our advancing years. Anyway, the food was astoundingly good; uncomplicated and not remotely fussy. Next shout out is for to Robert the doorman who took care of our bags and cars and made everything seem so easy. We figure that our world complains all to quickly when things aren’t quite right, yet we often forget to praise when things go well. So we thought it‘d be nice to post a positive messages about great service.

Post prandial, and sated, after a delicious lunch, we headed out to find some Miami design. Quick as a decorative flash we located several great design stores on (the aptly named) Colin's Avenue (it's one road back from the main drag) and some seriously cute cafes. And then all to quickly our magical time began to ebb and the call of Miami Airport became too loud to ignore. A short taxi ride whizzed us to our terminal and, well, now we're higher than a kite and double - in fact triple - loving the fact we can interface on a social media stage from the heavens. Technology, huh?

Trust this finds you well, hale and hearty. As we prepare to retract our virtual quill from virtual ink, we’ve noticed the US version of The Office is playing on the in flight entertainment system. And Catherine Tate has a cameo! That's almost too much to take. Too much excitement for two Scottish designers during one short flight. She’s like a geigh magnet. She’s calling… We’re running towards her… We are at one with her….

Laters xx






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