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Good morning world. LA calling for the last day of this trip. Had dinner at Cecconi's last night; poss one of loveliest meals we've enjoyed in a long while and in one of the jooshiest rooms we remember. Great staff, friendly buzz. Accompanied by our pal Amy Green we blew the lid of the resto' with shrill, trill laughter. Sorry to any diners who were hoping for a quiet night...

Met a lovely
bunch of guys from Ireland and London who're all in LA celebrating birthdays etc. Great lads. Then we ran into enfante terrible painter Ben Coustea and some of his actor pals who're based over here in the land of La La. Hells bells this has been a fun trip; a blast and a half of glamour, scandal and gossip. A veritable rocket trip of fun and sun.

And now? Well, now we have another batch of appointments in some of the city's coolest design stores. Yup, it's time for two Scots boys to mince and wince around the precious, shiny, lovely things. Aye, we're off shopping...

Trust all's well in the world and that you're all hale and hearty. Will post a pic of the new tattoo once the kitty kat has had a wee clean up,

Lurve and hurges, 
Colin and Justin xx



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