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After 20 years I finally got a second tattoo!

20 years ago - when barely out of my teens - I got my first tattoo in Glasgow.  And over two decades that first panther faded.  In fact he faded so much that he ended up looking like an amorphic blob.  People would ask what the mark was...

But today?  Today I stepped into an LA tattoo parlour on good recommendation from a Californian buddy and had a second tattoo... ON TOP of the original.  The new art is carefully concealed under bandage at the moment but I am SOOOOO pleased I did it. 

Sore?  Yes; a little.  Bloody?  Nope; not a drop.  Pleased?  Ec - frickin' - static!

Part of the joy of being inked was having a twin Mars bar and a bottle of FULL sugar cola - on recommendation of the ink artist; just so I didn't feel woozy, you understand.  Result! Tattoo AND candy.  What's not to like?

I'll post a pic of the finished article presently.  For now there's a filthy great glass of red wine calling me.  I bloody deserve it!



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