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Safely home in Glasgow!

Jeeeez, normally we don't have too much of an issue with jet lag but this trip has been different.  Gotta say though that the flight hoem from Toronto was a breeze; we flew Air Transat and the air time was only 5 hours and 45 mins.  Awesome!

Fact of the matter is that we're totally pooped!  Perhaps it's cos we worked so hard in Canada pretty much up to the day we flew home to Scotland.  Doing the red carpets for City TV was awesome fun but guess it took loads of energy.  And all the time we were still outputting all our usual private client stuff, designing to further augment our latest product lines and writing our newspaper and magazine columns.  NOT that we're grumbling; we feel like we function at optimum chargee when we're busy. 

if truth be known we've not really slept since we arrived back in The Dear Green Place though we've occupied our time with a backlog of paper work that had built up in our absence. 

Tonight we watched a great Kevin McLeod show called Man Made Home and we watched the first two episodes of Honey Boo Boo.  The former was fantastic for all the right reasons, the latter, perhaps, for all the wrong reasons...

Trust this finds all you lovelies well, hale and hearty.

 Sending hugs from Scotlandia,

Cheers for now,

C and J xx 


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