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London, 2012 Olympics. All hail Team GB!

Well, The Olympics have drawn to a conclusion and, as Brit's, we're thrilled at the way in which the massive sporting event was handled. Respect to all players! The volunteers, organisers, ticket holders and sporting men and women who made it come to life should be justifiably proud. Britain, Team GB - and all the other countries who visited our shores to take part - demonstrated wonderful sporting spirit. Out of interest, who was your favourite competitor? Mo? Tom? Chris? Jessica? We'd love to know.
But the sporting pride, of course, doesn't conclude with last night's ceremony. The 2012 Paralympics commence on the 29th of this month - we hope the games will be enjoyed with the same level of enthusiasm as the ones that have just completed. We'll certainly be watching. Best of luck to all those taking part!
C and J xx


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