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Oh la la

Oh dear. We always try and impart good news on here and get excited, via our virtual soap box, when we can recommend fun places to hang out. As such, we have to report that, this very evening, we enjoyed some lovely post prandials in The Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow. In there we discovered really friendly, efficient staf who know EXACTLY what they are about.

Hmm. Wish we could say the same for the ...
resto we visited prior to our lovely hotel experience. To be honest, we're already trying to erase the memory of a thoroughly lack lustre dining debacle; one that left us sore with ill ease. Where was it? Wish we could remember. It didn't signify. It was Scotland, certainly. Glasgow, somewhere.

Yup, somewhat lost in the centre of the city, we had the misfortune to stumble across a venue which offered a 'bargain' meal deal and, in our experience, below average food delivered by a disgruntled server who, well, didn't seem to care one single bit for our table. Let it be known we expect NO special service, no bells and smells and no, well, no 'anything', Just nice scran; that's all we're after. And maybe an accomodating smile. Oh, and fair, friendly service. Yes that, too...

In normal circumstances, we are consumate Francophiles. From this point forward, however, we shall be sending our general fondness for all things French elsewhere. And saying non merci to this particular travesty.

Name and shame? Well, as we said at the start of this missive; we prefer to deliver good news... so we'll keep our bouches collectively closed. Save to say we came back to McAllister Ryan Towers for a ham and cheese toastie... Dommage.


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