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Presquile cottage trip

Aye, we had a great wee trip to a friend's cottage at picturesque Presqu'ile.  A triple nice time was had by all.  She bought her wee country retreat about a year or so past and we've been dying to get over to see it ever since.  And we weren't dissapointed!  HWP!  Such a lovely wee place and she's done tonnes to personalise it.  White washed walls, dreamy comfy sofas and lovely old pine furniture etc.  Really atmospheric stuff... 

But it was the location that really got us.  Perched on the side of Lake Ontario with its own private dock we were entranced by the view.  Over breakfast this morning we watched an otter play in the water and a whole family of swans sailing by... The pace of life is just astoundingly relaxing.

Last night, after dinner, we headed to the local beach near a really spooky white painted lighthouse and we all went midnight swimming in an area that our friends know to be really safe and shallow.  But, when a pile of people, bearing torches and flashlights, appeared from the bushes we just about died.  We were way out in the water but suddenly we felt like bit part players in Blair Witch Project.  Fortunately the folk were all friendly and simply looking for a place on the beach to enjoy a spot of late night revelling.  So all good.  But we nearly died of fright in the meantime. 

After brekky this morning we went on a tour of local antique stores (we're SO rock and roll) and then headed to a house clearance auction in the middle of neighbouring town Brighton.  Nothing grabbed our eye on this occasion but it was a fun experience nonetheless...

Done touring and having espied every piece of second hand furniture in the locale, we drove back to Toronto for about 5 o clock and for the last couple of hours have been tending the most ENORMOUS mozzy bites.  We're talking grape sized.  Hellish and triple itchy.  NOT a good look.

Trust this finds you all hale and hearty.  We're planning a quiet night in and a few ep's of Walking Dead.  Take it easy, troops,

Cheers for now,

C and J xx


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