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Another day dawn...

OMG - we love Le Select. And particularly its brolly covered patio. Had a great night there last night with our pals Mark and Laura; cheers to both of them for a deelish dinner and a load of laughs. Now we've surfaced we're planning a quick breakfast sur terrace (it's going to be 32 degrees today) and then a little work. On today's to do list; find a dining table for a client project, order wa...llpaper, get our old car serviced, cycle along the to the beach to buy two of Toronto's best cupcakes (personal rewards, darlings, after all that exercise!) and then off to search for a Siamese fighting fish as a gift for a friend. A little variety, darlings, keeps the Scottish boys smiling...
And tomorrow we're off to the cottage. Hip hip hooray. Is that how you spell 'hooray'? No idea...
Trust everyone in our cybersphere is well, hale and hearty, C and J x


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