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Wednesday, all day, today.

Not entirely sure how it can be Wednesday already.  Who stole the early week from right under our nose?

Today's been a busy one.  Meetings all morning, a shopping trip to Homesense to pick up some bits and pieces for a private client and then back to our desks to rattle through a pile of back logged work.  Mostly up to date now so we can breathe more easily.  Writing newspaper columns both sides of the pond is a wonderful blessing - we love passing on design news and shopping advice - but OMG, it takes a lot of time.  But we LOVE it!

Watched an episode of True Blood tonight too.  It's our favourite Vamp drama - great storylines and the best looking dark forces on TV.  Looking forward to the rest of the series...

Hopefully you guys are well.  We're dotting the i's and crossing the t's on a couple of new projects before finishing for the night.  But hopefully we'll be clear in another half hour or so.  Hugs to all,

C and J xx


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