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A special thing has happened this very afternoon. Post sandy adventures with our prawny pal on the Rouge beach, we returned to McAllister Ryan Towers and set forth upon a tablet making adventure. Now, for those who aren't familiar with 'tablet', allow us to inform you; it is, in actual fact, a Scottish confection of considerable, and delicious, note. My Mum is quite the expert in the subtle art of... tablet science (having stirred pot upon pot of the dreamy candy over 60 plus years) and, as such, Colin attends with bated breath to see if my attempt is worthy of the Ryan seal of approval. Thank you to everyone who took time to send tablet recipes; some via email, some scribed on sacred scrolls and others delivered on the wings of angels. We fully intend trying them all. Aye, each and every one. And whence we have created the perfect recipe, we shall brew, package and deliver it across North America. And the world will become a better place...


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