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National Theatre of Scotland production of Macbeth - Glasgow Tramway.

Jeez.  Alan Cumming is compelling, terrifying, commanding and utterly captivating in his portrayal of Macbeth.  Set against the backdrop of a mental health ward, the show is an imagination feast that will grip you, spellbound for the entire production.  Multiple Personality Disorder doesn't even touch upon the complexity of this interpretation. 

How on earth Alan manages to deliver such a HUGE script, almost single handedly, is beyond us.  The body of dialogue that he has to remember shows his true talent, not just as an actor, but as a memory man to boot.  He plays ALL characters in the original play.  Leaving the beautiful Tramway, we felt we needed to sit in a darkened room, so intense was the show.

We are SO going to see it again when it transfers to New York.

C and J xx


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